Set up a Forever Fund

Sophisticated Professional Investment Management

Funds are professionally invested under the supervision of local, community-based financial experts who have experience in building and preserving funds in perpetuity. Agency funds are pooled with other assets of the Community Foundation for diversification. An agency fund relieves agency staff and board of responsibility for accounting and management of its invested funds.


Strong Reputation for Fiscal Stewardship

Nonprofits with agency funds may enjoy the increased visibility provided by being a part of our larger giving community. An agency fund may enhance the organization’s fundraising prospects because some donors may prefer the relative long-term security of the Community Foundation.


Acceptance of Unusual Assets

Agency funds can receive the benefits of gifts that are highly advantageous to donors but can sometimes be difficult for nonprofits to process. These include, but are not limited to, privately held stock, mutual fund shares and real estate.


Planned Giving Resources

Agency funds can utilize the Community Foundation documents and resources to help donors with their charitable interest with wills, bequests and other planned giving tools.

Apply for a grant

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Community Foundation has numerous competitive grants available to nonprofits. Open grants are announced in the weekly nonprofit newsletter, The information Station.

Maintaining a complete and current Philanthropy Hub profile is the first step to qualify for grant consideration and attract potential investors.

The Community Foundation uses a grants portal for the entire application process. When the application time period opens, simply click “Apply” from your Applicant Dashboard to begin. If someone from your organization already has an account in our system, you may need to reach out to us to allow you to create another.

non profit loan growth

Apply for the Nonprofit Loan Fund

The Nonprofit Loan Fund supports the recovery and sustainability of the North Central Florida nonprofit ecosystem with  no-interest loans. The fund is designed to help span gaps and timing issues in the flow of nonprofit revenue, strengthen local nonprofits at a time when they most need financial support. 

Participate in the Center for Nonprofit Excellence

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence at the Community Foundation of North Central Florida was launched to enhance the effectiveness of North Central Florida’s nonprofit organizations. The Center is designed to provide executive directors, and their respective staff and board members, with information on best practices, tips and tools for organizational operations, and links to resources on a variety of topics.


Nonprofits can turn to us for:

  • Resources and referrals for information about nonprofit management
  • Educational and networking opportunities for Executive Directors, Board Chairs and consultants
  • Research on the North Central Florida nonprofit sector
  • Endowment fund services
  • Free meeting space

Register for The Board Academy 

The Board of Directors is an essential part of making every nonprofit organization function smoothly and successfully carry out the mission. The Board Academy is a workshop providing knowledge and skills to current board and staff members and those that wish to be placed on a nonprofit board at the conclusion of the training.

Through engaging presentations from nonprofit experts and interactive role-playing, participants learn a board member’s responsibilities and how these responsibilities relate to other within the organization.

To date, the Community Foundation has trained more than 500 individuals through The Board Academy

View the State of the Sector

Stay up to date on trends and data among North Central Florida nonprofits. The Community Foundation collects data from The Philanthropy Hub each October and shares the impact in a report titled the State of Sector.  

Sign up for the nonprofit newsletter

Stay connected to nonprofit resources, grant opportunities, Center for Nonprofit Excellence workshops and trainings by signing up for our monthly nonprofit newsletter. The Information Station is the Community Foundation’s newsletter sent monthly. 

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