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When family members commit their collective passion and resources to the community, the potential for impact is great—and so are the complexities. Our Giving Guide empowers families with a personalized philanthropic strategy that connects with your passions and creates impact for generations. We understand that philanthropy means different things to different families—and to different people within a family. The Community Foundation ensures that every family member feels engaged, and feels great about giving back. (link to Giving Guide pdf)

How Can the Community Foundation
of North Central Florida Support You?

Family Philanthropy - Family having a meeting

Organize Family Meetings

The Foundation offers families the support they need to ensure that their giving brings the family together while enriching the communities that they serve. One way we do this is by finding common ground so that all family members participate actively in your philanthropy. Our team can help set up and facilitate family meetings aimed to bring your family together — giving you the opportunity to discuss your beliefs and values, collaborate on initiatives, and educate the next generation on their financial and community responsibilities.

Family Philanthropy - Support Next Generation

Support Next Gen Philanthropy

The NextGen Philanthropy Initiative aims to help prepare the next generation in powerful, strategic conversations — working to establish a network of engaged Next Gen donors. We are deeply committed to helping educate the next generation of philanthropic leaders in our community.

Family Philanthropy - Strategy Meeting

Strategic Consulting

No matter what giving vehicle you use to make an impact in our community, whether it be a donor advised fund or family foundation, The Community Foundation of North Central Florida is here to make sure your efforts are the most impactful and efficient that they can be. To help you amplify your generosity, our multidisciplinary team of philanthropic experts can help you with everything from grant research to strategic planning, grant design, implementation, and management.